Breeder, 2022

BDP, Epoxy, Fiberglass, UV resin, Acrylic

157 x 71 x 75 cm

Exhibtionview at Kunstverein Ludwigshafen

Born To Be RaisedBorn To Be RaisedBorn To Be Raised

Born To Be Raised, 2022

ASA, epoxy, fiberglass, UV resin, acrylics

125 x 81 x 59 cm, 32 x 55 x 28 cm, 41 x 51 x 74 cm

Exhibtionview at Kunstverein Ludwigshafen

Running On EmptyRunning On EmptyRunning On Empty

Running On Empty, 2021

BDP, UV Resin, Epoxy, Metal Acrylics

72,5 x 28 x 30 cm

Exhibitionview: Uno, Nessuno, Centomila, Palazzo Capris, Turin, I

Curated By Artuner

Brother From Another Mother

Brother From Another Mother, 2021

BDP, epoxy, acrylics, metal, concrete, UV resin

156 x 60 x 54 cm

Exhibitionview at Malkastenpark, Düsseldorf

Hold UpHold UpHold Up

Hold Up, 2020

PLA, PET, PUR, Acrylics, Epoxy, Wire

35 x 21 x 34 cm

Love Me TenderLove Me Tender

Love Me Tender, 2020

PLA, Epoxy resin, Fibre glass, Acrylics, Metal

115 x 78 x 79 cm


Beestig?, 2020

Installationview at Stichting Ijsberg, Damme, B

Enter SandmanEnter SandmanEnter SandmanEnter Sandman

Enter Sandman, 2020

BDP, PUR, Epoxy, Metal, Acrylics

78,5 x 35,5 x 26,5 cm

The Untitled ShowThe Untitled ShowThe Untitled Show

The Untitled Show, 2019

Exhibitionview at Museum Villa Rot

Come Closer

Come Closer, 2019

Exhibitionview at Kasteel d'Aspremont-Lynden, Lanaken, B

What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around, 2018

Epoxy Resin, Platinum Silicone, Polyester, Steel, PE, PUR, Laquer

121 x 64 x 49 cm

Ups 'N' Downs

Ups 'N' Downs, 2018

PUR, Metal, Pigment

Auto BodyAuto BodyAuto BodyAuto BodyAuto Body

Auto Body, 2018

Exhibitionview at Galerie Kandlhofer, Vienna, AT

Photos by Arne Grams

Early Bloomers IIEarly Bloomers II

Early Bloomers II, 2017

Platinum Silicone, Wire, Metal, PUR, PP, Laquer

64,5 x 26,5 x 27 cm


Tremors, 2017

Exhibitionview at Kunst im Tunnel (KIT), Düsseldorf, D

Photos by Ivo Faber

Holy Moly

Holy Moly, 2016

Platinum Silicone, Wood, PP, Wire, PUR

49 x 14 x 25 cm

I've Done Questionable ThingsI've Done Questionable ThingsI've Done Questionable Things

I've Done Questionable Things, 2015

Exhibitionview at Galerie Sturm, Nuremberg, D

Through The Looking GlassThrough The Looking Glass

Through The Looking Glass, 2014

Graduation Show at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf